Max BrĂ¼el, 1961


Danish architect, ceramist and jazz musician Max Brüel (1927-1995) was a versatile artistic talent born out of a highly creative family. He won his first architecture competition while still enrolled in the Royal Academy of Art in the 1940s all the while embarking on a career as a jazz musician, which won him international recognition in the 1950s. Alongside his vibrant musical work, Brüel continued his career as an architect and made his mark with the futuristic Herlev Hospital in Copenhagen and the poetic chapel in Glostrup, while also working as a ceramist and a designer. Brüel designed his timeless modular candleholder Jazz as a slender, graceful silhouette in three heights, depending on the length of the interchangeable stems. By itself or in groups, Jazz is an elegant addition to the home. A Jazz candleholder contains a top, a bottom and three interchangeable stems.

  • Candleholder
  • Structure in steel
  • Available in black powdercoated steel
  • 3.5"dia 4.1"h
  • 3.5"dia 6.0"h
  • 3.5"dia 11.3"h 
  • Made in Denmark by Karakter