Antti Kotilainen, 2013


Aava is the brain child of the first collaboration Finnish designer Antti Kotilainen and Arper Italy.  Aava transforms a basic shape in to something special through the texture and warmth of wood.  The soft curves yield a contemporary silhouette that is both striking and sensitive, an adaptive form that assimilate to any environment. Made for both residential and contract use, Aava’s wooden shell and base are made of precompound wood skillfully milled in variable thickness and sheathed in veneer to accentuate the sinuous silhouette.

  • Shell is available in birch painted black, birch painted white, natural birch, natural oak color, and natural walnut color. 
  • Also available with removable slip cover in various fabrics, leathers and faux leathers. Non-washable.
  • Base options include 4 wooden legs, chrome sled or 4 chrome legs: chrome bases available with or without armrests. 
  • Wooden legs available in same finishes and shells.
  • Finish for shell and wooden legs can be mixed or matched.
  • Standard polyurethane glides, glides with felt inserts for wood floors available upon request. 
  • 4-Leg Chrome: 21.3"w 21.1"d 30.8"h 17.8"seat ht
  • 4-Leg Chrome w/ Arms: 21.3"w 21.1"d 30.8"h 17.8"seat ht 25.4"arm ht 23.0"arm width
  • *Wood shell version with or without arms are stackable up to 10 with a stacking glide.
  • 4-Leg Wood: 20.3"w 18.5"d 30.8"h 17.8"seat ht 16.8"back width
  • Chrome Sled: 20.9"w 18.1"d 30.4"h 17.8"seat ht
  • Chrome Sled w/ Arms: 20.9"w 19.3"d 30.4"h 17.8"seat ht 23.0"back width 25.4"arm ht
  • A stool version of Aava is also available in two heights. 
  • Made in Italy by Arper.