John Kandell,


Shablon is a stylish and unassuming chair, defined by clean, modern lines and a classic woven seat. Available as both a dining chair and a bar stool, Shablon is perfect for creating consistency in spaces such as restaurants and dining halls. Shablon is also available in a wide range of colors, allowing it to be tailored to personal taste preferences and making it possible for the chair to fit perfectly in almost any environment.

  • Dining chair or bar stool
  • Frame in beech
  • Seat webbing in natural hemp or black/red nylon
  • Foot rest in stainless steel (bar stool only)
  • Dining: 15.0"w 16.5"d 31.5"h 17.7"sh
  • Bar: 15.0"w 15.7"d 35.4"h 25.6"sh
  • Made in Sweden by Källemo