Kant Table

Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows, 2014


The Kant Table, much like the Mantis Side Chairs, studies the contrast of solid and light, strong and elegant, and sharp and curved. Originally designed for a private commission project, this desk features a sturdy tabletop with soft corners above a seemingly light base, buttressed by twin beams and angled legs. Even with its sizable proportions and ability to fit up to 12 seats, this design is accentuated with details throughout its build, making it a functional and aesthetically pleasing item for any environment.

  • Solid wood table available in Solid Walnut, White Oak, or Ash
  • Features V-shaped truss support
  • 6-Seater: 72.0"w 36.0"d 28.4"h 1.3"top ht
  • 6-8 Seater: 84.0"w 36.0"d 28.4"h 1.3"top ht
  • 8-Seater: 96.0"w 40.0"d 28.4"h 1.3"top ht
  • 10-Seater: 110.3"w 40.0"d 28.4"h 1.3"top ht
  • 12-Seater: 144.0"w 42.0"d 28.4"h 1.3"top ht
  • Made in the USA by BassamFellows