Omi Tahara, 2019


Design Editions specializes in producing stunning items that land mid-way between a design object and an art piece, creating exceptional pieces designed specifically for your walls. Made from handcrafted terracotta from storied Italian artisan producer Fornace Curti, a family-run manufacture of cotto lombardo with origins dating back to the 15th century, the elementary shapes reimagine traditional earthenware forms and create a harmonious expression that elegantly balances freedom with restraint. Omi Tehara describes the inspiration behind this design: “I wanted to reaffirm the value of terracotta. Design Editions offers an opportunity to explore the nature of materials in a new context. I selected terracotta for its warmth and the way it beautifully contrasts with the industrially produced aluminum frame.”

  • Wall design
  • Cotto lombardo terracotta 
  • Limited edition of 10 pieces
  • Available in three shapes: round, soap, or square
  • 23.0"w 23.0"h 2.2"d
  • Made in Italy by Design Editions