CH Modul

Chris L. Halstrøm, 2019


After graduating from The Royal Danish Academy, designer Chris L. Halstrøm opened her studio which focuses on small objects influenced or intended for every day situations. Taking this commitment to common conveniences and functionality, Halstrøm designed the CH Module for A. Petersen, where a sofa and a chair combine to form the perfect daybed. The CH Module is beautifully minimalist and modern, and the combination of shapes, textures, and materials lends to a refreshingly contemporary design. It begs the question—can a functional piece of furniture also be a visual work of art? The CH Module answers with a resounding "yes."

  • Modular daybed, sofa, and chair
  • Frame available in oak, walnut, or mahogany
  • Available upholstered in fabric or leather
  • Sofa: 57.1"w 27.6"d 26.0"h 16.5"sh
  • Chair: 27.6"w 27.6"d 26.0"h 16.5"sh
  • Daybed: 84.7"w 27.6"d 26.0"h 16.5"sh
  • Made in Denmark by A. Petersen