Åsa Jungnelius, 2020


In keeping with Kallemo's commitment to producing innovative designs unlike any other, Ettore is here to offer something completely new. Refreshingly light, defined by a juxtaposition of different shapes, materials, textures, and colors, Ettore is gorgeously contemporary and a genuine work of art. Inspired by Jungnelius' commission to design and decorate an entire new subway station in Stockholm, one of the table's supporting structures is essentially a kaleidoscope, alluding to the idea of an eternal abyss. Each table is individually painted by the artist, making it all the more unique.

  • Coffee table
  • Tabletop in dichroic glass
  • Circular leg in brass
  • Kaleidoscope leg in stainless steel
  • 39.4"w 26.4"d 16.9"h
  • Made in Sweden by Källemo